Spray Gun 1000ml Pot 1/4″ Suction Feed H/Duty MPT Paint Air Compressor Hose Fit

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Item Specifications:


  • Nozzle: 1.5mm
  • Spray Pressure: 3 – 4 Bar
  • Air consumption: 4.2 – 6.0 cfm
  • Adjustable Spray Band Width: 180mm to 250mm
  • Removable Paint Pot: 1000ml
  • Feed Type: Universal Suction
  • Color: Sliver
  • Nozzle Size: 2mm or 3mm
  • Working Pressure: 3-5Mpa (435-725 psi) Max: 725 psi
  • Air Consumption 270 l/min
  • Pot Capacity: 1000cc
  • Spray Diameter: ≥20(mm)
  • Effective Spray Distance: 370mm
  • Spray Diameter: ≥20(mm)
  • Paint Spray Amount: ≥270ml/min
  • Best Spraying Distance: 20cm
  • Net weight: 0.75kg
  • Surface Treatment: Polishing Treatment
  • Nice spraying, high effect
  • Application: spaying on cars, furniture, toys, instruments, and machines

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  • Professional suction spray gun in heat-treated alloy with a detachable spray pot.
  • Perfect for automotive spraying and sleek finishes on furniture.
  • Features a medium to HVLP, for a traditional premium finish on all surfaces.
  • Patented detachable paint canister, makes paint mixing and clean up a breeze.
  • Industrial quality and comes with Australian standard 1/4″ Nitto fitting.
  • Fully adjustable spray pattern and pressure can be customized for any job.


Key Features:


  • Professional commercial grade, heat-treated alloy
  • Lightweight spray gun with precision adjustable spray patterns
  • Premium spray finish with traditional suction feed suitable for all paints
  • Detachable 1000ml no mess spray pot for an easy cleanup
  • Designed and engineered in Italy, we make tools, not toys.
Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 14 cm


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