Plastic Cling Wrap Film 33cm x 600m Cutter Catering Dispenser Microwave Safe


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  • Typically made from polyethylene (PE) plastic, which is known for its stretchability, durability, and ability to create an airtight seal.
  • The film comes in a standard width of 33cm, suitable for covering various sizes of containers, trays, and dishes.
  • The roll offers a generous length of 600 meters (about 1968 feet), ensuring long-lasting use and cost-effectiveness.
  • Equipped with a built-in cutter catering dispenser, facilitating easy and precise cutting of the desired length without the need for scissors or additional tools.
  • Clear and transparent, allowing for easy visibility of wrapped food items without the need to unwrap them.
  • Specifically designed to withstand microwave heating, enabling convenient reheating or defrosting of wrapped foods without compromising safety or quality.
  • Exhibits excellent cling properties, adhering securely to various surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, and ceramic, forming a tight seal to prevent leakage and maintain freshness.
  • Suitable for wrapping fruits, vegetables, meats, sandwiches, leftovers, and other perishable items, as well as covering bowls, plates, and pans.
    Manufactured from food-grade materials, ensuring safety for direct contact with food and compliance with food safety regulations.
Weight8 kg
Dimensions40 × 25 × 20 cm


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