Order Docket Books Restaurant Pub Cafe Order Taking Books Carbonless 180 x 95mm


Packaged Includes – 10 books x 10pkt = 100books /crt

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Order docket books are typically medium size for the restaurant’s needs. They are designed for servers, waitstaff, or kitchen staff to quickly jot down and organize customer orders. These books come with duplicate copies, allowing for one copy to be kept in the kitchen and potentially one for the customer if needed.

Order Details:

Sections for writing down order specifics such as table number, number of guests, time of order, and special requests.
Itemised Lists:
Blank lines or sections for listing menu items, drinks, and any customisations or modifications requested by the customer.
Clear Fields for Information:
Prominent fields for writing down item names, quantities, descriptions, and any additional notes.
Tear-off Sheets:
Some designs feature perforated edges for easy tearing, allowing orders to be quickly handed off to the kitchen while keeping a clean, legible copy for the server.
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Dimensions40 × 25 × 15 cm


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