120pc Roll Pin Assortment Slotted Spring Tension Pin Securing Fastener Dowel Kit


GST Inclusive


  • Material: GB879 Steel
  • Standard: metric
  • The set includes both large and small roll pins in a variety of sizes
  • Presented in a neat re-sealable plastic compartment case
  • Useful set of steel roll pins
  • Sizes from 4 x 16mm to 5 x 30mm
  • Mechanical fastener for securing machine parts
  • Made from Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Complete with Clear Plastic Container

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  • 4x16mm(4pcs), 4x25mm(4pcs), 4x40mm(4pcs),
  • 2.5x16mm(4pcs), 2.5x25mm(4pcs), 2.5x30mm(4pcs),
  • 6x16mm(4pcs), 6x30mm(4pcs), 6x45mm(4pcs),
  • 3x16mm(5pcs), 3x25mm(5pcs), 3x30mm(5pcs),
  • 8x20mm(4pcs), 8x40mm(4pcs), 8x50mm(4pcs),
  • 10x20mm(2pcs), 10x40mm(2pcs), 10x50mm(2pcs),
  • 2x6mm(4pcs), 2x12mm(4pcs), 2x25mm(4pcs),
  • 5.5x30mm(4pcs), 5.5x25mm(4pcs), 5.5x16mm(4pcs),
  • 1.5x5m(4pcs), 1.5x20mm(4pcs), 1.5x8mm(4pcs),
  • 5x16mm(5pcs), 5x25mm(5pcs), 5x30mm(4pcs)
Weight0.500 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 5 cm


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